I'm having an absolute blast dishing on The Dating Bender, life, loves, wine and more! Each show takes it's own turn, so pop on those pink ear buds, grab a bottle of wine if you dare, and listen up!

NEWS: The Dating Bender was featured on CBS as the "perfect beach read!" Watch the show segment here.

USA Today, Happily Ever After interview

Doing this interview right after The Dating Bender released, was a true honor. I was afforded the opportunity to discuss my book, writing process, and what gets me revved up to write. I even got to talk about my beloved 18-yr-old rescue hound, Cari-Anne. Read the full interview HERE!

Good Day Sacramento on CBS

This was my very first TV appearance and I had a blast dishing on The Dating Bender, relationship types, and the wines that go with them! Let's just say Samantha (in my book) and I know our way around a wine bottle and it shows! Watch the segment, wine glass in hand HERE!

Cin's Chat Corner

We chatted it up on just about everything from wine country living, the writer's life, publishing, men, dating benders and more, hear it HERE! My segment begins at minute marker 4.18!

From Cin.....

"Today's guest comes out of the same single life as Carrie Bradshaw. Former NYC single Christina Julian was used to dead end dates and singles set ups in the city. She took her real life loves and fictionalized her funny romance fables and turned them into a book entitled The Dating Bender. It was not until Napa Valley that she managed to find true balance and her beloved. Today, we will chat about life as an author, a wine and food critic as well as her current love story!"

Two Girls & A Bottle of Wine

The title of this podcast really says it all. Two chicks, one writer, lots of wine, leads to the unveiling of intimate secrets about my life, loves, and the story behind the story of The Dating Bender. Listen to the full interview HERE. And please, don't forget to grab a nice bottle of red to go with it ;0)

Conversations Live w/Cyrus Webb

Cyrus ripped open the velvet curtain of my life, work, and writing. A true Southern gentleman that had absolutely no qualms about diving into dating, relating and what some like to call the Catholic curse! Hear it all HERE!

Bookin' Around Town w/ Jocq Protho

We dished, laughed and roared over wine, writing, men and more! We could have gabbed for hours, and come to think of it, we did. This show was my very first podcast and interview about The Dating Bender and boy was it a blast! Grab a glass and settle in for some chit chat HERE.

Women, Wine & Words

There's obviously a trend developing here. This podcast delves into three of my favorite pastimes and passions. Girl gab, vino, and writing, in no particular order. As a Napa Valley dweller, wine writer and mama of 4-yr-old twins I like to say 'there's not enough wine in the world' to get me though my days, lol. Toddlers do in fact talk back, at least mine do. We uncorked it all as we dished on The Dating Bender and paired wines with favorite reads. Watch it HERE! PS ignore the fan, you'll forget about it soon enough ;0)

Books in 30, with C.G. Cooper

C.G. and I got into the thick of it. The perils of publishing and the writer's life. Favorite reads. The Catholic Curse, dating, family dysfunction, dating benders, and more! Listen HERE!

Chit Chat Cafe

Had a hoot of a good time with these fabulous ladies. We dove deep into the dating trench, wine swilling, boyfriend nicknaming and more. Listen in HERE!

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