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2017 Best Book Awards Finalist

One of Conversations' Live Top 50 Books of 2017

A hysterical dramedy about a woman unhinged and at a crossroad. The book explores dysfunctional family relationships, women who love the wrong men, and one epic hunt for happiness.

Back cover blurb:

Here I am, on my knees in front of the Trevi Fountain, hoping like hell the legend is true. That the fountain gives you solace and love by a mere toss of a coin.


Why am I here, exactly? Let’s see…


It started with my parents telling me to get married. Of course, being the good Catholic girl I am, I did.


Needless to say, that marriage nosedived, and my parents weren’t exactly happy about it.


Newly ditched and shamefully disowned, I decided to follow the advice of Babs, a tart-of-a-mentor, who offered me a job in Colorado.


Her advice? Sex…and lots of it.


The temptation of freedom, to do whatever—whoever—I wanted was too damn strong for me to say no.


And that’s how it all started. The men, the sex, the journey…


The dating bender.


Because everybody deserves a do-over


She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving


About the book:

She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On

Boldly and unapologetically told, the essays featured in this powerful collection exemplify strength and resilience as these writers—published authors as well as fresh voices—take their truths public. Filled with hope, humor, and determination these stories tackle love, defeats, friendship, identity, and parenthood. She’s Got This is their anthem, one that will resonate with women everywhere.

“These essays slice through to the heart and hell of modern womanhood.” —Adair Lara, author of Naked, Drunk and Writing

"We read for truth, to feel a little bit less alone, to sense an author’s heart beats on the page. The essays in “She’s Got This” take us deep into the heart of matter, covering a spectrum of life’s unexpected turns and tragedies. After reading these essays, I feel life’s pulse more deeply, which is a credit to the authors’ boldness on the page. Truth is the language this collection is written in." —Grant Faulkner, founder NaNoWriMo

"An inspired anthology, full of raw honesty, unexpected humor, and unapologetic hope. With offerings by talented women of all ages and walks of life, the book echoes and amplifies voices resistance and resilience. Inside, you’ll find intimate and frank accounts of motherhood, aging, love, and loss, all of which act as bracing antidotes to our sound bite era of half-truths and outright lies. A page-turning pleasure to read!" —Mary Volmer, author of Crown of Dust


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